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Dahl (Даль) Vladimir Ivanovich

Dahl (Даль) Vladimir Ivanovich (1801—1872)

Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl was the greatest Russian lexicographer. His father was a Danish physician named Yohan Christian Dahl. The future lexicographer was born in Luhansk and served in the Russian Navy from 1814 to 1826. Dahl was interested in the language and folklore from early years. Having graduated from the medical department of the Derpt... More...

Russia, 2001, Vladimir Dahl

USSR, 1976, Vladimir Dahl

Russia, 2001.10.16, Moskow. Old Letter

Russia, 2001.11.22, Moskow. Vladimir Dahl

Ukraine, 2001.11.10, Lugansk. Vladimir Dahl

USSR, 1976.11.22, Moskow. 175th Birth anniv of Dahl

USSR, 1976.11.22, Voroshilovgrad. 150th Birth anniv of Dahl

Russia, 2001, Vladimir Dahl

Ukraine, 2001, Vladimir Dahl

USSR, 1976, Vladimir Dahl


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