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Vraz Stanco

Vraz Stanco (1810—1851)

Stanko Vraz also known as Jakob Frass was a Slovene-born Croatian poet. Born in the small village of Cerovec in Lower Styria, Austrian Empire (today in Slovenia), Stanko Vraz was one of the most important figures of the Illyrian Movement in the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia. He was the first Croatian to earn his living as a professional writer. He wrote poems and travelogues and collected folk poems. He also translated foreign literature into Croatian. In 1842 he and two of his other contributors founded Kolo, one of Croatia's first literary magazines. The magazine, as well as his works, were influenced by national romanticism. He died in Zagreb.

Slovenia, 2010, Stanco Vraz

Slovenia, 2010.01.29, Ivanjikovci. Stanco Vraz


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