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Juhasz Gyula

Juhasz Gyula (1883—1937)

He was one of the most prominent figures of Hungarian lyrical poetry. He finished high school in Szeged. After completing his studies he became a teacher. From 1908 to 1917 he taught in four different cities then moved back to Szeged where he stayed till his death in 1937. Among others, Ady Endre (another very famous poet) was his good friend. On one of his visits to Nagyvárad he got to know an actress named Sárváry Anna. Later this experience inspired him to write his famous "Pretty Anna" poems. In Szeged he joined a radical intellectual revolutionary movement. The articles he wrote in local pamphlets and newspapers greeted the soviet social revolution as something that would bring a new world order about. In 1918 during the civil revolution he was a member of the Szeged National Counsel. Later he became the leader of the Szeged National Theater's directory committee. After the communist ideologies were banished from local politics and the uprising was crushed, he was harassed and pursued due to his agreement with these views. One of the most shattering blows for Juhász was his removal from the teaching position he held. His financial problems, constant harassment took his zest for life away. After making countless attempts to kill himself, he succeeded in committing suicide by poisining. Gyula Juhász was the one who discover the extraordinary talents of the contemporary poet Attila József.

Hungary, 1983, Gyula Juhasz

Hungary, 1983.04.15, Budapest. Gyula Juhasz

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