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Dvořák, opera Jakobín

Series: Composers

Dvořák, opera Jakobín

Czech Republic, 2004, 8 Kc. 11 (1/4) x 11 (3/4). multicoloured

Michel: 397
POFIS: 398
Scott: 3239
Stanley Gibbons: 398
Yvert et Tellier: 368

The Jacobin (Jakobín in Czech) is an opera in three acts by Antonín Dvořák to an original Czech libretto by Marie Červinková-Riegrová. Červinková-Riegrová took some of the story's characters from the story by Alois Jirásek, "At the Ducal Court", but devised her own plot around them. The first performance was at the National Theatre Prague, 1889. Červinková-Riegrová revised the libretto, with Dvořák's permission, in 1894, notably in the last act.

Plots: Jirásek Alois

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