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Robert Burns

Series: 250th Birth anniv. of Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Great Britain, 2009, 1st. x 3, 2nd., 51 p., 81 p. 14 (3/4) x 14 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 2705/2706, block 48
Scott: SS 2625
Stanley Gibbons: MSS5137
Yvert et Tellier: 3090/3091, block 61

The miniature sheet contains the four Scotland country definitives in a se-tenant block, and two new 1st class stamps. The stamp on the left features the title of the poem A Man's a Man for a' that with a detail from a copper plate engraving from a painting by James Sargent Storer Robert Burns turning up a mouse in her nest with his plough, while the stamp on the right is the famous portrait of the poet by Alexander Nasmyth. The background shows an engraving of Burns' birthplace in Alloway by James Sargent Storer.

Artists: Nasmyth Alexander

Plots: Burns Robert

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