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Hradchany and Mala Strana

Series: World Exhibition of Postage Stamps PRAGA 2008

Hradchany and Mala Strana

Czech Republic, 2006, 35 Kc. 11 (1/2) х 12. multicoloured

Michel: 487, block 25
Scott: SS 3315
Stanley Gibbons: MS478
Yvert et Tellier: block 23

This issue is designed to promote the World Exhibition of Postage Stamps PRAGA 2008 which is to be held in September 2008 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague - Holešovice.
The Florentine mosaic is composed of precisely cut gems so that no or almost no gaps can be seen between the gems. The colour and drawing of the stone is used to achieve the artistic effect. This technique was invented in Florence and was always considered as an exclusively Italian matter. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was much popular as a decoration of cabinets, boxes and furniture in general. The great collector and patron of arts Rudolf II invited to Prague the mosaic makers and gem cutters Cosim and Giovanni Castrucci who founded a prosperous workshop in Prague. Their work represents an interesting, independent version of the Florentine mosaic. The mosaic featured on the postage stamp is the property of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague.

Plots: Prague

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