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Emaus Monastery

Series: International stamp exibition «Praga 2008»

Emaus Monastery

Czech Republic, 2008, 10 Kc. 11 (1/2) x 12. multicoloured

Michel: 570
POFIS: 571
Scott: 3395
Stanley Gibbons: 555
Yvert et Tellier: 514

This issue is designed to promote the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 which is to be held on September 12-14, 2008 at the Prague-Holešovice Exhibition Grounds. The monastery Na Slovanech was founded in 1347 by the Emperor Charles IV for South Slavonic monks of the Benedictine order with the aim of strengthening Slavonic relationships and removing controversies between the Western and the Eastern churches. It was the only Slavonic monastery of Charles' empire where the monks used the Old Slavonic language as the language of liturgy. The name Emauzy comes from the chapter of the Gospel read on the consecration day (the one describing the meeting of Jesus with his disciples at the village of Emmaus). The monastery became a centre of education and arts. The three-navy church of the Virgin Mary, St. Jerom and the Slavonic Patrons Saint is one of the largest churches in Prague. Adjacent to it on the southern side is a four-wing monastery with ambulatory around the paradise garden. The site also includes the Gothic royal chapel, the chapter hall and the Baroque refectory. The cloister is decorated with pairing painting; however, only a small part of the original cycle of 85 scenes from the Old and the New Testaments was preserved. These unique frescos belong to the most precious monuments of the Gothic era.

Plots: Prague

Emaus Monastery
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