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Rose and Prague

Series: Defenitive stamps

Rose and Prague

Czech Republic, 2003, 6.40 Kc. 12 (3/4) х 13 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 353
POFIS: 380
Scott: 3196
Stanley Gibbons: 358
Yvert et Tellier: 328

The stamp, inspired by Seifert's verses about Prague, is a symbol of his most beloved flower, the rose, and his most beloved city, Prague. The center of the graphic composition is the astronomical tower of the Clementinum with the statue of Atlant, the foreground the tower of Charles Bridge, the background the Church of Virgin Mary in front of the Týn, the left-hand upper corner the Church of St. Nicholas and the Powder Tower. Decorated in the right-hand border with an architectural ornamentation detail, the printed sheet has 9 stamps and 9 coupons. The coupons designed for the day of issue will bear the text "A coupon for you" and a tiny ornament; the empty coupons in the other printed sheets will be additionally printed according to the client's order.

Plots: Prague

Rose and Prague

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