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Schnorr von Carolsfeld Julius

Schnorr von Carolsfeld Julius (1794–1872)

German religious and historical painter and draftsman. He studied with his father, Veit Hans Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1764–1841), a painter and engraver, and in Vienna. In 1817 he went to Rome and joined the Nazarenes; with them he worked on the frescoes of the Villa Massimo, contributing his Orlando Furioso. In 1827 he was summoned by King Louis I of Bavaria to Munich, where he was professor and later director of the academy and decorated the palace with his Nibelungen frescoes. Schnorr is best known, however, for his vigorous drawings for the illustrated Bible, Bibel in Bildern (1851–60).

Austria, 1984, Archducke Johann

DDR, 1953, Baron von Stein


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