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Palais de Luxembourg

Palais de Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Palace was built for Marie de Medicis in the years 1615-1627. The architect Salomon de Brosse, designed it as a Florentine palace because Marie de Medicis liked this style. He was the son of Jean de Brosse, another architect and he inherited the position as the architect of Marie de Medicis from his uncle Jacques II Androuet Du Cerceau. For the decorations and the embellishments, Rubens paintings adorn the walls of the large gallery and the library has the masterpieces of Eugene Delacroix. The uses of the palace have changed multiple times. For example, it was a prison during the Revolution. It currently houses the Senate.
The gardens of Luxembourg surround the palace. This large park, which has sprawling lawns and abundant flowers, always astonishes its visitors with its harmonious paths, the beauty of its flowers and the shadows under its trees. All the people, young and old, enjoy themselves in the gardens. The children can rent boats and sail in the glassy ponds while the elders play chess under awnings. Moreover, there are many statues of the queens of France, including a figure of Saint Genevieve, the patron of Paris.

Finland, 2004, Le Jardin du Luxembourg

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1946, Luxembourg Palace

France, 1948, Luxembourg Palace

France, 1948, Luxembourg Palace

France, 1975, First Assembly at Luxembourg Palace

France, 2003, Palace of Luxemburg

France, 2004, Parks of the Paris

France, 2006, Alain Poher, Palais du Luxembourg

France, 2012, Palais du Luxembourg

Grenada Grenadines, 1989, Mickey and Minnie near Luxembourg palace

Manama, 1970, Installation of the Council of State

Mauritanie, 1969, Installation of the Council of State

New Caledonia, 1997, Henri Lafleur, Palais de Luxembourg

Ras al-Khaima, 1972, Installation of the Council of State

Turks & Caicos, 1991, In the Jardin du Luxembourg

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, Installation of the Council of State

Wallis & Futuna, 1999, Senate and Marianne

France, 1977.07.10, Paris. Palaceis

France, 2006.12.09, Paris. Palais du Luxembourg

France, 2000, Luxembourg Palace


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