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Monument to Napoleon in Cherbourg

Series: Bicentenary of The Ordre des Palmes académiques

Monument to Napoleon in Cherbourg

New Caledonia, 2008, 110 fr. 13. multicoloured

Michel: 1454
Scott: 1037
Stanley Gibbons: 1436
Yvert et Tellier: 1035

The Ordre des Palmes académiques (English: Order of Academic Palms) is an Order of Chivalry of France to academics and educators. The order was originally created by Napoleon in 1808 to honour eminient members of the University of Paris. It was re-established on October 4, 1955 by President René Coty and is one of the world's oldest civil awards.

Originally, the palmes académiques were only given to teachers or professors. In 1866, the scope of the award was widened to include major contributions to French national education made by anybody, including foreigners. It was also made available to French nationals outside of France who had made major contributions to the expansion of French culture in the rest of the world.

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