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Dannecker Johann Heinrich von

Dannecker Johann Heinrich von (17581841)

German sculptor and collector. He received his initial artistic training (177180) at the Militärische Pflanzschule in Stuttgart, where he revealed a talent for drawing and sculpture. His most important tutors were the Belgian sculptor Pierre François Lejeune (172190) and the French painter Nicolas Guipal, an admirer of Mengs. Also of... More...

Antigua, 2005, Friedrich von Schiller

DDR, 1955, Bust of Schiller

DDR, 1959, Bust of Schiller

DDR, 1989, Books of Friedrich von Schiller

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Gambia, 2005, Friedrich von Schiller

Gambia, 2005, Schiller's medallion

Grenada, 2005, William Tell of Friedrich von Schiller

Hungary, 1959, Friedrich von Schiller

Hungary, 1984, Stamp with Schiller

Liberia, 2005, Busts of Schiller

Nevis, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

Nevis, 2005, Schiller's statue, Chicago

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