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Graff Anton

Graff Anton (1736—1813)

Anton Graff was a famous portrait artist. Graff was born the son of a craftsman in Winterthur. There and in Augsburg he learned to paint. In 1766 he was appointed a painter and lecturer at the Dresden Art Academy. In his later years he turned to painting landscapes. He was one of the most important painters of his time. Some 2000 of his works survive.

Berlin, 1961, Gotthold Lessing

DDR, 1954, Gotthold Lessing

Dominica, 2005, Stamps about Schiller

German Federal Republic, 1961, Gotthold Lessing

German Federal Republic, 1994, Johann Herder

Germany, 1926/1927, Gotthold Lessing

Ghana, 2006, Friedrich von Schiller and Johannes Brams

Liberia, 2005, Busts of Schiller

Micronesia, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

Moldova, 2007, Friedrich von Schiller

Switzerland, 1938, Salomon Gessner

Togo, 2006, Friedrich von Schiller

German Federal Republic, 1994, Johann Gottfried Herder


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