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Montaigne Michel Eyquem de

Montaigne Michel Eyquem de  (1533–1592)

French essayist. Montaigne was one of the greatest masters of the essay as a literary form. Born at the Château of Montaigne in Périgord, he was the son of a rich Catholic landowner and a mother of Spanish Jewish descent. Montaigne's father, ambitious for his son's education, permitted him to hear and speak only Latin until he was six.... More...

France, 1943, Michel de Montaigne

Monaco, 1980, Michel de Montaigne

Monaco, 1996, Michel de Montaigne

France, Paris, post office on rue Montaigne

France, 1980, Bordeaux. Congress International Montaigne

France, 1980.03.29—30, Bordeaux. Michel de Montaigne

France, 1988.04.19, Poix du Nord. Essais of Montaigne


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