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Corneille Pierre

Corneille Pierre (1606–1684)

Pierre Corneille, along with his contemporary and rival, Jean Racine, ranks as France's greatest classical tragic dramatist. Born in Rouen, he was educated by Jesuits, studied law, entered the Rouen parlement in 1629 (the year his first play was written), and was a member of that judicial body for 21 years. That he actually produced 20 plays while... More...

France, 1937, Pierre Corneille

France, 1961, Gerard Philipe as Cid

France, 1984, Pierre Corneille

Monaco, 1986, Scenes from «Le Cid»

Monaco, 2006, Pierre Corneile

France, 1965.05.22—23, Barentin. Corneille

France, 1965.05.25, Barentin. X festival of Corneille

France, 1984.09.29, Rouen. Corneille


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