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Bossuet Jacques Bénigne

Bossuet Jacques Bénigne (1627–1704)

French prelate, one of the greatest orators in French history. At an early age he was made a canon at Metz; he became bishop of Condom and was (1670–81) tutor to the dauphin (father of Louis XV), for whom he wrote his great Discourse on Universal History (1681, tr. 1778, 1821), Politics Derived from Holy Writ (1709), and Treatise of the Knowledge... More...

France, 1954, Jacques Bosseut

France, 1954.07.10, Dijon. Bossuet

France, 1967.07., Meaux. Museum of Bossuet

France, 1982.06.17, Meaux. Jacques Bossuet


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