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Lamartine Alphonse Marie Louis de

Lamartine Alphonse Marie Louis de  (17901869)

French poet, novelist, and statesman. After a trip to Italy and a brief period in the army, Lamartine began to write and achieved immediate success with his first publication, Méditations poétiques (1820). This group of 24 poems, including the famous Le Lac, expressed his own feelingsreligious, melancholic, or amorousas he came in... More...

Bulgaria, 1947, House of Lamartine

Bulgaria, 1990, Lamartine and his House in Plovdiw

France, 1948, Alphons de Lamartine

France, 2007, Lamartine statue in Mâcon

France, 2009, Lamartine statue in Mâcon

Monaco, 1970, Lamartine

France, Amiens, post office on r. Lamartine

France, 1969.05.0205, Macon. Lamarartine

France, 1969.05.0304, Macon. Lamarartine

France, 1969.07.02, Belley. Lamartine

France, 2007.11.1718, Macon. Statue of Lamartine

USA, Lamartine, Ohio

France, 2009, Bridge Saint-Laurent

France, 2009, Les Vendangeures

France, 2009, Statue of Lamartine

France, 2009, House de Bois

France, 2009, Espanada Lamartine


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