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Hugo Victor

Hugo Victor(18021885)

Victor Hugo was born on February 26, 1802 in Besancon, France. He was a poet, novelist, and dramatist and the most important French Romantic writer of the 19th Century. Hugo is best known for his novels "Notre-Dame de Paris" (a.k.a Hunchback of Notre-Dame) (1831) and "Les Miserables" (1862). Hugo created poems and novels that integrated political... More...

Albania, 1987, Victor Hugo

Belgium, 2010, Writers

Bulgaria, 1978, Victor Hugo

Chad, 1985, Victor Hugo and Notre-Dame de Paris

Chad, 1985, Victor Hugo and Notre-Dame de Paris

Chad, 1985, Victor Hugo and Notre-Dame de Paris

Chad, 1985, Victor Hugo and Notre-Dame de Paris

Chili, 1997, Carlo Morelli as Rigoletto

Comoren Islands, 1985, Victor Hugo and Pantheon

Comoren Islands, 2009, Victor Hugo

Congo, 1977, Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris

Congo, 1977, Victor Hugo, Les Misrables

Congo, 1977, Victor Hugo, Les Travailleurs de la mer

Cuba, 2005, Marti and Hugo's house, Paris

Cuba, 2010, Mis Hijos (tanslation of Mes Fils (Victor Hugo)), Long-tailed Tit and France

DDR, 1952, Victor Hugo

Djibouti, 1985, Victor Hugo

Equatorial Guinea, 2003, Victor Hugo

France, 1933, Victor Hugo

France, 1935, Victor Hugo

France, 1936, Victor Hugo

France, 1938, Victor Hugo

France, 1953, Hernani

France, 1985, Victor Hugo

France, 2003, Esmeralda

France, 2003, Gavroche

Grenada, 2001, King Karlos

Grenada, 2001, King Karlos

Guernsey, 1975, Victor Hugo's House

Guernsey, 1975, Monument to Hugo

Guernsey, 1975, United Europe Oak

Guernsey, 1975, Tapestry Room

Guernsey, 1997, Gilliatt fighting Octopus

Guernsey, 1997, Gilliatt grieving on Rock

Guernsey, 2002, Victor Hugo

Guernsey, 2002, Cosette

Guernsey, 2002, Valjean

Guernsey, 2002, Inspector Javert

Guernsey, 2002, Cosette and Marius

Guernsey, 2002, Novel and the score for Les Misrables

Guinea, 2007, Pavarotti in Rigoletto

Guinea, 2007, Pavarotti in Rigoletto

Guinea, 2008, Anna Frank, cat, Victor Hugo

Guyana, 2001, Rigoletto

Guyana, 2001, Ernany

Hungary, 1948, Victor Hugo

Hungary, 1952, Victor Hugo

Italy, 1973, Caruso as Duke of Mantua

Italy, 1986, Amilcare Ponchielli and Scene from La Gioconda

Jersey, 1982, Hugo, his house on Jersey

Liechtenstein, 2012, Quasimodo

Luxemburg, 1953, Victor Hugo's House

Luxemburg, 1977, Victor Hugo

Luxemburg, 2002, Victor Hugo

Maldives, 2001, Rigoletto

Maldives, 2001, Rigoletto

Malta, 1956, Les Gavroches

Malta, 2002, Kirkop as the Duke

Marshall Islands, 2003, Mors 14/20 HP Tourer near Hugo's Monument

Mexico, 1985, Victor Hugo

Micronesia, 2010, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo

Micronesia, 2010, Victor Hugo

Monaco, 2002, Victor Hugo

Monaco, 2002, Scenes from Hugo's novels

Mozambique, 2002, Victor Hugo

Nevis, 2010, Henri Dunant and writers

Nicaragua, 1975, Giuseppe de Luca as Rigoletto

Niger, 1985, Victor Hugo with his son

Poland, 1952, Victor Hugo

Portugal, 1993, Verdi and Rigoletto

Rumania, 1964, Jean Athanasiu as Rigoletto

Rumania, 1964, Traian Grozavescu as Duke in Rigoletto

Rumania, 1989, Gavroche

Rumania, 2002, Victor Hugo

Russia, 1996, Ballets Esmeralda and Salambo

San-Marino, 2001, Ernani

San-Marino, 2001, Verdi and Rigoletto

San-Marino, 2007, Esmeralda (sculpture by Lollobrigida)

Sao Tome e Principe, 2007, Esmeralda

Sierra Leone, 2010, Henri Dunant and writers

St. Kitts, 2010, Victor Hugo

St. Vincent, 1996, Notre Dame Cathedral

St. Vincent, 1996, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

St. Vincent, 1996, Heroes of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

St. Vincent, 1996, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

St. Vincent, 1996, Phoebus and Esmeralda

St. Vincent, 1996, Esmeralda and Quasimodo

St. Vincent, 1996, Esmeralda

St. Vincent, 1996, Quasimodo as a hero

St. Vincent, 1996, Quasimodo abd friends

St. Vincent, 1997, Caruso as Duke of Mantua

Togo, 1977, Victor Hugo and his house in Paris

Togo, 1977, Victor Hugo and Jersey

USA, 1987, Caruso as Duke of Mantua

USA, 1997, Richard Tucker as Duke and Jose

USSR, 1952, Victor Hugo

Vietnam, 2002, Victor Hugo

Wallis & Futuna, 1985, Victor Hugo

Congo, 1977.08.20, Brazzaville. 175th Birth Anniv of Hugo

France, Paris, post office on avenu Victor Hugo

France, Paris, post office on place Victor Hugo

France, 1953.06.06, Paris. Hernani

France, 1953.12.12/13, Besancon. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.02.23, Besancon. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.0203, Montfermeil. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.0205, Clichy. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.04.20, Clichy. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.07.18, Gavarnie. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.07.31, Paris. Victor Hugo

France, 1985.10.1920, Rosny sous Bois. Gavroche

France, 2002, Besanson. Year of Victor Hugo

France, 2002.02.1805.18, Dole. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.02.2324, Besanson. Year of Victor Hugo

France, 2002.02.26, Paris. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.05.19, Dole. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.05.26, Ris-Orangis. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.06.23, Paris. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.09.2829, Rolland. Victor Hugo

France, 2002.10.0112.31, Paris. Victor Hugo

France, 2003.08.30, Paris. Barricade

France, 2003.08.30, Paris. Notre-Dame de Paris

Great Britain, 2002.03.05, London. Hugo Bicentenary

Guernsey, 2002.02.06, Guernsey. Victor Hugo

Jersey, 1975.06.05, Jersey. Book

Luxemburg, 1971.05.30, Mondorf-les-Bains. Victor Hugo

Luxemburg, 2002.11.29., Luxembourg. Chateau de Schengen

Togo, 1977.02.26, Lome. Victor Hugo

Vietnam, 2002.02.26, Vietnam. Victor Hugo

Wallis & Futuna, 1985.03.07, Mata-Utu. Victor Hugo

Bulgaria, 1978, Victor Hugo

Russia, 2002, Sergei Lemeshev as Duke in Verdi's Rigoletto

Bulgaria, 2002.09.18, Victor Hugo


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