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Musset Louis Charles Alfred de

Musset Louis Charles Alfred de  (18101857)

French romantic poet, dramatist, and fiction writer. His first collection of poems, Contes dEspagne et dItalie (1829), exhibited a strong Byronic influence. Four years later he went to Italy with George Sand, but his infatuation with her resulted in disillusionment. Most of his poems appeared first in Revue des deux mondes; they included such... More...

Czech Republic, 2010, Theatrical posters of Sarah Bernardt

France, 1951, Alfred de Musset

Gabon, 1982, Alfred de Musset

Rumania, 1960, Alfred de Musset

France, 1951.06.02, Paris. Alfred de Musset

France, 2007.05.17, L'Isle-Adam. Alfred de Musset


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