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Zola Émile

Zola Émile (1840–1902)

French novelist, b. Paris. He was a professional writer, earning his living through journalism and his novels. About 1870 he became the apologist for and most significant exponent of French naturalism, a literary school that maintained that the novel should be scientific in a strict sense. Inspired by his readings in social history and medicine,... More...

Aden/ State of Hadhramaut, 1967, Nana (E. Manet)

Ajman, 1969, Nana (E. Manet)

Czechoslovakia, 1990, Emile Zola

Equatorial Guinea, 2003, Emille Zola

France, 1967, Emile Zola

France, 2002, Emile Zola

France, 2003, Nana

Guinea, 2001, «La Bete humaine»

Israel, 1994, Breaking Dreyfus's Sword, Zola

Manama, 1969, Nana (E. Manet)

Manama, 1972, Portrait of Zola

Rwanda, 1973, Emile Zola

Uruguay, 1999, Emile Zola

France, Nantes, post office Emile Zola

France, Reims, post office Emile Zola

France, 1967.02.04, Paris. Zola

France, 1984/1985, Bruay sur Escaut. Emile Zola

France, 2002.10.05, Medan. House of Zola

France, 2002.10.05, Paris. Zola

France, 2003.08.30, Paris. Nana

France, 1999, College Emile Zola


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