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Flaubert Gustav

Flaubert Gustav (18211880)

French novelist. Flaubert is regarded as one of the supreme masters of the realistic novel. He was a scrupulous, slow writer, intent on the exact word (le mot juste) and complete objectivity. The son of a surgeon, he studied law unsuccessfully in Paris and returned home to devote himself to writing. Because of a severe nervous malady he spent most... More...

Bulgaria, 2002, Stojanov, opera Salambo

France, 1952, Gustave Flaubert

Gabon, 1980, Gustave Flaubert

Russia, 1996, Ballets Esmeralda and Salambo

France, 1952.10.18, Rouen. Flaubert

France, 1988.05.04, Canteleu. Floubert


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