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Giono Jean

Giono Jean (18951970)

French novelist, b. Provence. His semiautobiographical novel, Jean le bleu (1932, tr. Blue Boy, 1946) concerns his childhood. His pastoral trilogyColline (1920, tr. Hill of Destiny, 1929), Un de Baumugnes (1929, tr. Lovers Are Never Losers, 1931), and Regain (1930, tr. Harvest, 1939)describes Provençal life, emphasizing closeness to nature. Giono expressed his pacifism in Refus dobéissance (1937). Among his later novels are Le Bonheur fou (1957, tr. The Straw Man, 1959), Angelo (1958), and Ennemonde (1968, tr. 1970).

France, 1986, The Baker's Wife

France, 1995, Jean Giono

Monaco, 1976, J. Giono, L. Pasteur-Vallery-Radot and M. Garson

Monaco, 1995, Jean Giono

France, 1975-2007, Manosque. Jean Giono

France, 1995, Banon. Land of Giono and Pagnol

France, 1995.04.25, Manosque. Jean Giono

France, 1999.07.29, Manosque. Jean Giono


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