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Valéry Paul-Ambroise

Valéry Paul-Ambroise  (1871–1945)

It is hard to condense the life and work of Paul Valery down into a few sentences or paragraphs. Valery was born in 1871 and died in 1945. He was the life long friend of Andre Gide and a disciple of Mallarme, though in the end I believe his work transcended that of Mallarme. Many regard him as the greatest French writer of the twentieth century and many regard his poem "The Young Fate" as the greatest poem of our age. Valery wrote and thought and dreamt words that are pure and beautiful, logical and artistic.

France, 1954, Paul Valery

France, 1954.07.10, Sete. Paul Valery

France, 1958/1959, Sete. Tomb of Paul Valery


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