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Pagnol Marcel

Pagnol Marcel (18951974)

French dramatist and film director. Pagnol gained recognition for his trilogy of sentimental comedies set on the Marseilles waterfrontMarius (1929), Fanny (1931), and César (1936)for which he wrote the screenplays (1931, 1932, 1934). He used César for his directorial debut. Other films include The Well-Diggers Daughter (1940) and... More...

France, 1961, Raimu as Cesar

France, 1986, The Baker's Wife

France, 1993, Marcel Pagnol

Gibraltar, 1995, Iv Montand, Jean De Florette

Guinea Bissau, 2011, Yves Montand, Manon des sources

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Monaco, 1980, Macel Pagnol

Monaco, 1995, Macel Pagnol

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France, 1993.04.24, Aubagne. Marcel Pagnol

France, 1995, Banon. Land of Giono and Pagnol

France, 1995, Marseille. Marcel Pagnol

France, 1995.06.13, Montpellier. Marcel Pagnol

France, 2001.0910, Aubagne. Marcel Pagnol

France, 2000, Words of Marcel Pagnol


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