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Sachs Nelly

Sachs Nelly (1891–1970)

German poet and translator who lived after 1940 in Sweden. Sachs describes her own experiences and the sufferings of the European Jews in the collections In den Wohnungen des Todes [in the apartments of death] (1947), Das Leiden Israels [Israel’s suffering] (1969), and Die Suchende (1966; tr. The Seeker and Other Poems, 1970). The selection of her poems in English, O the Chimneys (1967), incorporates the verse mystery play Eli (written 1943–44; publ. 1951). Sachs shared the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature with S. Y. Agnon.

Gambia, 1995, Nelly Sachs

German Federal Republic, 1991, Nelly Sachs

German Federal Republic, 2001, Nelly Sachs

Guyana, 1995, Nelly Sachs

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Sweden, 2000, Nelly Sachs

Uganda, 1995, Nelly Sachs

German Federal Republic, 1991.11.05, Bonn. Nelly Sachs

Sweden, 2000.10.07, Stockholm. Initials of Nelly Sachs


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