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Saint-Pol-Roux (1861—1940)

The Breton poet Saint-Pol-Roux was one of the most extraordinary figures thrown up by the Symbolist movement, although intensely admired by his most discerning comtempories, and later, by the Surrealists, his work has ever remained a minority taste by virtue of its density of expression. This selection from his most famous collection of prose poems is prefaced by Alastair Whyte, currently involved with the publication of his works by the French publisher Rougerie, and includes Remy de Gourmont’s essay from The Book of Masks, which presents one way of reading his works, a way that is perhaps somewhat reductionist.

France, 1968, Saint-Pol-Roux

France, 1968.07.06, Camaret-sur-Mer. Saint-Pol-Roux Manor

France, 1968.07.06, Marseille. Saint-Pol Roux


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