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Noailles Anna Élisabeth de Brancovan, comtesse de

Noailles Anna Élisabeth de Brancovan, comtesse de(18761933)

French poet, daughter of a noble Romanian family. She was renowned for the brilliant gatherings at her home. Her turbulent romantic lyrics of love and nature, many of which appeared in the Revue des Deux Mondes, were gathered in Le Cœur innombrable (1901), LOmbre des jours (1902), and Poèmes denfance (1928). She also wrote short stories, sensuous novels including La Nouvelle Espérance (1903) and Le Visage émerveillé (1904), and an autobiography (1932).

France, 1976, Anna de Noailles

Spain, 1971, Anna de Noailles

France, 1976.11.06, Paris. Anna de Noailles

Iceland, 1995.12.1819, Bilbao. Anna de Noailles


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