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Paulhan Jean

Paulhan Jean(1884—1968)

Jean Paulhan, a graduate of the Sorbonne, became a professional linguist specializing in Malagasy, until World War I changed his life. He was wounded in 1914 and wrote his first major book, Le Guerrier appliqué (1917), dealing with the limited abilities of language to express emotions. By 1925 he was editor of the Nouvelle Revue Française, which he made into the most influential journal of interwar France. He is often referred to as the "grey eminence" of the publishing world in France, where he played a central role in literary and intellectual life.

France, 1984, Jean Paulhan

France, 1984.10.21, Nimes. Jean Paulhan

France, 1984.10.27, Nimes. Jean Paulhan

France, 2010.04.27—28, Pezenas. Louis Paulhan


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