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Tirso de Molina (pseud. of Fray Gabriel Téllez)

Tirso de Molina (pseud. of Fray Gabriel Téllez)(1584?1648)

Outstanding dramatist of the Spanish Golden Age, b. Madrid. His fame rests on El burlador de Sevilla (1630; tr. The Love Rogue, 1924), the earliest known literary version of the Don Juan legend. Among the 300 or 400 plays by Tirso de Molina are El vergonzoso en palacio [the bashful man at the palace], La prudencia en la mujer [prudence in a... More...

Antigua, 1991, Mozart and Don Giovanni

France, 2006, Don Giovanni

Guinea, 2006, Mozart and Don Giovanni

Mali, 1998, Jose Van Damm as Leporello

Monaco, 1987, Mozart and Don Juan

Nevis, 1993, Masked reveller from Don Giovanny

Nicaragua, 1975, Don Juan

San-Marino, 1999, Mozart and Don Juan

Spain, 1953, Tirso de Molina

St. Vincent (Grenadines), 1992, Costume for Don Giovanne

Tanzania, 1992, Zerlina in Don Giovanni

Tanzania, 2006, Don Giovanni

Austria, 2008.08.08, Salzburg. Scene from Don Giovanni


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