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Nerval Gérard de

Nerval Gérard de (1808–1855)

French writer, an early romantic. His real name was Gérard Labrunie. His writings include translations of Faust (1828) and other German works; short stories, notably in Les Filles du feu (1854, partial tr. Daughters of Fire, 1922); travel sketches; and poems. Les Chimères (12 sonnets appended to Les Filles du feu) and Aurélia, his fantastic spiritual autobiography, which mirrors a life that ended in madness and probable suicide, have had some influence on modern surrealists.

France, 1955, Gerard de Nerval

France, 1955.11.11, Paris. Gerard de Nerval

France, 1955.11.11, Paris.Gerard de Nerval


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