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Fournier Henri Alban

Fournier Henri Alban  (18861914)

French novelist. He was killed in action during World War I. His single full-length work is his poetic novel about a youthful search for the ideal, Le Grand Meaulnes (1913, tr. The Wanderer, 1928). Set in an imaginary locale called the domain, it is based partly on Alain-Fourniers own childhood and partly on his mystical experiences and ideas. Its distinctiveness lies in its delicate blend of symbolism and realism.

France, 1986, Scene from Le Grand Meaulnes

France, 1986.10.04, Chapelle d'Angillon. Henri Alain Fournier

France, 1986.10.04, Epineuil le Fleuriel. Henri Alain Fournier

France, 1986/2004, Nançay-Vouzeron. Henri Alain Fournier

France, 1994.09.27, Épineuil-le-Fleuriel Henri Alain Fournier

France, 2008, Henri Alain Fournier

France, 2008, Henri Alain Fournier


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