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Arany János

Arany János(18171882)

Hungarian poet. Arany is considered one of the founders of modern Hungarian poetry. He was an actor, notary, editor, and professor of Hungarian literature at the Nagy-Koros college. His satirical poem The Lost Constitution (1845) was followed by his epic Toldi (1846, tr. 1914), to which he added Toldis Eve (1854) and Toldis Love (1879). Among his other works are an epic trilogy, King Budas Death (tr. 1936), Ildiko, and Prince Csaba (both unfinished), and the ballads that are perhaps his finest works. His style, simple and often reminiscent of folk song, is compelling and powerful.

Hungary, 1932, Janos Arany

Hungary, 1957, Janos Arany

Hungary, 1997, Book, Knight and Arany

Hungary, 2001, Janos Arany and Parliament

Hungary, 1997.04.23, Budapest. Janos Arany

Hungary, 2006.06.21, Monuments of Budapest

Hungary, 2007.07.20, Hungarian postage stamps


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