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Monuments of Budapest

Monuments of Budapest

Hungary, 2006.06.21

Magyar Posta commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alajos Stróbl (1856-1926), a pre-eminent figure in Hungarian sculpture, by issuing a commemorative postcard.
The most popular memorial sculptor of his age, his art is characterised by sensitive realistic modelling. He received many awards for his work both in Hungary and abroad. For many long years he taught at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, and his teaching had an immeasurable influence on his students.
The stamp design of the card shows Károly Lotzs painting of Alajos Stróbl from the Hungarian National Gallerys collection. On the picture side of the card there is a graphic montage of a few of his works: the statue of János Arany (1893) from the garden of the Hungarian National Museum, the Matthias fountain erected in Buda Castle (1904), the equestrian statue of St Stephen at the Fishermens Bastion in Budapest (1906), the statue of Jókai (1921), likewise in Budapest, and the statue Our Mother (1900), which won the grand prix at the world exposition in Paris and is now in the Hungarian National Gallery.

Plots: Arany János,  Jókai Mór,  Vörösmarty Mihály

Monuments of Budapest
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