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Vörösmarty Mihály

Vörösmarty Mihály(18001855)

Hungarian poet. Considered one of the greatest Hungarian poets, he created a new poetic language and combined the characteristics of the national and classical schools in his work. He is best known abroad for his patriotic lyrics, especially The Call (1837). His national epics, notable for their splendor of language, include Zalans Flight (1825), Erlan (1825), and Two Neighboring Castles (1831). Vörösmarty also wrote dramas and critical works and translated the Thousand and One Nights and works of Shakespeare.

Hungary, 1937, Mihály Vörösmarty

Hungary, 1953, Mosonyi and Szep Ilonka

Hungary, 1955, Mihály Vörösmarty

Hungary, 2000, Mihaly Vörösmarty

Hungary, 2006.06.21, Monuments of Budapest

Hungary, 2007.07.20, Hungarian postage stamps


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