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Donici Alexandru

Donici Alexandru (1806—1866)

Alecu (or Alexandru) Donici was a Moldavian-born Romanian poet and translator. He studied at the Saint Petersburg Military Academy, and became a junior lieutenant in the Russian army. After 1828, Donici assumed the duties of a civil servant in Chişinău, but later on he chose to resign and in 1835 settled in Iaşi, where most of his literary career unfolded. His chief work, a two-volume book of fables titled Fabule ("Fables"), was published in Iaşi in 1840; it shows the strong influence of Ivan Krylov. He translated the works of Aleksandr Pushkin and Antioch Kantemir.

Rumania, 1960, Alexandru Donici

Moldova, 2002.10.23, Chisinau. Alexandru Donici

USSR, 1966, Aleksandru Donich

Moldova, 2002.10.23, Alexandru Donici


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