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Negruzzi Costache

Negruzzi Costache (1808—1868)

Negruzzi Costache is considered by Manolescu N. one of the most important Romanian writers. He is the son of Negrut Dinu, an educated land-owner, preoccupied to offer his son a good education. A passionate reader in more languages, around 13 years old he begin to translate. During the riot from 1821 his family repudiates at Chisinau. Here in 1822... More...

Rumania, 1960, Costache Negruzzi

Moldova, 2002.10.23, Chisinau. Constantin Negruzzi

Moldova, 2008.04.12, Chisinau. Constantin Negruzzi

Moldova, 2002.10.23, Constantin Negrutsi


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