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Malraux André

Malraux André (1901–1976)

French man of letters and political figure. An intellectual with a broad knowledge of archaeology, art history, and anthropology. Malraux led a remarkably adventurous life. He traveled to Indochina looking for Khmer statuary; later witnessed the struggle in China (1927) between Communists and Nationalists, helped to organize the Republican air... More...

France, 1979, Andre Malraux

France, 1996, Andre Malraux

Monaco, 2001, Andre Malraux

Rumania, 2001, Andre Malraux

France, 1979.11.24, Paris. Andre Malraux

France, 1986/1989, Verrieres le Buisson. Andre Malraux

France, 1996.11.23, Paris. Andre Malraux

France, 1999.03.26—27, Bethune. Andre Malraux


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