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Courteline Georges

Courteline Georges (1858—1929)

French writer. His prolific humorous and satiric works include sketches, plays, tales, and novels. Bourgeois attitudes are ridiculed in his comedy Boubouroche (1892, tr. 1961); official red tape is satirized in his sketches Messieurs les ronds-de-cuir (1893, tr. The Bureaucrats, 1928); and the pitfalls of justice in the courts are hilariously exposed in Hortense, couche-toi (1897, tr. Hold on, Hortense, 1961) and L’Article 330 (1900, tr. 1961).

France, 1979, Georges Courteline

France, 1954.06.16, Bar-le-Duc. Holyday of Courteline

France, 1979.06.23, Tours. George Courteline


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