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Gautier Theophile

Gautier Theophile(18111872)

French poet, novelist, and critic. He was a leading exponent of art for arts sakethe belief that formal, aesthetic beauty is the sole purpose of a work of art. An important manifesto of this theory appeared in the preface of his novel Mademoiselle de Maupin (1835). Gautier was a painter before he turned to writing. His theory of plasticity, that... More...

Cuba, 1967, Gizelle

Cuba, 1976, Giselle

Cuba, 2003, Alicia Alonso as Giselle

Cuba, 2008, Giselle

Finland, 1993, Giselle

France, 1972, Theophile Gautier

France, 1997, Captain Fracasse

Kazakhstan, 2009, Zhizel, Don Quixote, Bahchisarayskiy Fountain, Legend about love

Monaco, 1979, La Spectre de la Rose (after poster Gean Cocteau)

Monaco, 1997, Albert I, La Spectre de la Rose (poster Gean Cocteau)

Monaco, 2011, Theophile Gautier

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Fokin, La Spectre de la Rose

Russia, 1996, Scene from ballet Giselle

Seychelles, 1986, Giselle

Seychelles, 1986, Male dancer

Seychelles, 1986, Das de deux

Tanzania, 1999, Giselle

France, 1963.0506, Tarbes. Theophile Gautier

France, 1972.09.09, Tarbes. Theophile Gautier

France, 1997, Captain Fracasse

Russia, 2001, Scene from ballet Gizelle

Russia, 1997, Portrait of Dyagilev by Cocteau


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