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Blaga Lucian

Blaga Lucian  (1895—1961)

Lucian Blaga wrote eight volumes of poetry, seven plays, a novel, and a large array of scholarly writings with a philosophical, anthropological, literary or religious focus. Some of his best-known poetry volumes include The Poems of Light (1919), The Prophet's Footsteps (1921), In the Great Passage (1924), In Praise of Sleep (1929) and At the Courts of Yearning (1938). In 1956, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, and would have been conferred the award had there not been strong opposition from the Communist government on fictitious political grounds.

Moldova, 1995, Lucian Blaga

Rumania, 1995, Lucian Blaga

Rumania, 2006, Banknote with Blaga

Rumania, 2012, Lucian Blaga

Moldova, 2005.05.09, Chisinau. Lucian Blaga

Rumania, 1995, Lucian Blaga


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