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Söderberg Hjalmar

Söderberg Hjalmar(18691941)

Swedish writer. He is known for a lyrical but melancholic and disillusioned mood. Söderbergs first novel, Martin Bircks Youth (1901, tr. 1930), is the story of a dreamer living a drab middle-class existence. His novels are unsurpassed at evoking Stockholm life at the turn of the century; major examples include Doctor Glas (1905, tr. 1963) and the semidocumentary The Serious Game (1912). Söderbergs play Gertrud (1906) was made into a film by Carl Dreyer. Selections of the his short stories, mocking complacency and deceit, have been translated by C. W. Stork (1935) and Carl Lofmark (1987).

Sweden, 1969, Hjalmar Söderberg

Sweden, 1969.10.13, Stockholm. Hjalmar Söderberg


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