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Vyazemsky (Вяземский) Pyotr Andreyevich

Vyazemsky (Вяземский) Pyotr Andreyevich (1792–1878)

Prince Pyotr Andreyevich Vyazemsky was a leading personality of the Golden Age of Russian poetry. His parents were a Russian prince of Rurikid stock and an Irish lady. As a young man he took part in the Battle of Borodino and other engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. Many years later, Tolstoy's description of the battle in «War and Peace» would... More...

Russia, 1999, Portrait of Pushkin

Russia, 1992.07.23, Moskow. Birth Bicentenary of Pyotr Vyazemsky

Russia, 1998, Museum of Vyazemsky

Russia, 1999, Pushkin monument in Ostafievo

Russia, 2004, 250th Birth Anniversary of Shishkov

Russia, 1992, Birth bicentenary of Vyazemsky


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