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Shishkov (Шишков) Vyacheslav Yakolevich

Shishkov (Шишков) Vyacheslav Yakolevich (1873—1945)

Russian writer. Born in the town of Bezhetsk, Tver region. His father was a merchant, but suffered a business setback and became a shop assistant working for other local merchants. Shishkov studied in the local school and, from a very early age, showed a talent for writing. At age 11 he wrote «The Wolf's Lair», a story of robbers. Shishkov went... More...

USSR, 1973.10.03, Bezhetsk. Birth centenary of Shishkov

USSR, 1973.10.03, Tomsk. Birth centenary of Shishkov

USSR, 1963, Vyacheslav Shishkov

USSR, 1969, Shishkov's house in Tomsk

USSR, 1973, Vyacheslav Shishkov

USSR, 1973, Shishkov monument in Bezhetsk


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