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Glbov (√лiбов) Leonid Ivanovich

Glbov (√лiбов) Leonid Ivanovich(1827Ч1893)

Ukrainian poet and fabulist. Leonid Glibov wrote, clear thing, not only fables Ц but it is they that brought him glory that has lasted not one dozen of years. You listen to them now Ц and you have nothing to do but to be surprised how little people have changed during the last one and a half hundred years. The same characters, relations, defects Ц... More...

Ukraine, 2002, Leonid Glibov

Ukraine, 2002.03.04, Kiev. Leonid Glibov

Ukraine, 1997, Leonid Glebov

Ukraine, 2007, Leonid Glibov

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