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Meilhac Henri

Meilhac Henri  (18311897)

French dramatist and opera librettist, was born in Paris. While a young man, Meilhac began writing fanciful articles for Parisian newspapers and vaudevilles, in a vivacious boulevardier spirit which brought him to the forefront. About 1860, he met Ludovic Halévy, and their collaboration for the stage lasted twenty years. Their most famous... More...

Austria, 1969, Opera Carmen

Austria, 1970, The Merry Widow (F. Lehar)

Austria, 1970, Die Fiedemaus (J. Strauss)

France, 1960, Georges Bizet and Carmen

Hungary, 1967, Opera Carmen

Madagaskar, 1988, Bizet, Carmen

Monaco, 1975, Prologue

Monaco, 1975, Lilla Pastia's tavern

Monaco, 1975, The Smugglers's Den

Monaco, 1975, Confrontation at Ceville

Rumania, 1963, Elena Teodorini as Carmen

San-Marino, 1999, Opera Carmen

Uruguay, 2000, Opera Carmen

USA, 1997, Richard Tucker as Duke and Jose

USA, 1997, Lawrence Tibbett as Toreador

Russia, 2002, Maria Maksakova as Carmen

Rumania, 1964, Elena Teodorini as Carmen


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