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Claudel Paul

Claudel Paul (18681955)

French dramatist, poet, and diplomat. He was ambassador to Tokyo (192127), Washington, D.C. (192733), and Brussels (193335). Claudels writings deal largely with mans inner spirit, and reveal the influence of his profound and mystical Catholicism. His early plays were inspired by the French symbolists, notably by Rimbaud. Perhaps his finest play is LAnnonce faite à Marie (1912, tr. Tidings Brought to Mary, 1916). Among his other dramas is the lengthy Le Soulier de satin (1929, tr. The Satin Slipper, 1931). In his theatrical works Claudel combined extensive use of symbolsprimarily religiousand exotic backgrounds with the techniques of pantomime, ballet, music, and the cinema. The rich lyric verse of Cinq Grandes Odes (1910) marks his highest poetic achievement. His prose works include Art poétique (1906) and writings on the Bible.

France, 1968, Paul Claudel

France, 1968.07.06, Paris. Paul Claudel

France, 1968.07.06, Villeneuve-sur-Fere. Paul Claudel

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