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Literature for children

From the reading in the childhood depends, what will be with the men in future. The infinite variety of children's books will be inevitable to please to all new generations of children. Therefore it is natural, that many of the philatelic materials is devoted to such interesting theme. And it is natural, that this material requires own catalogue. Here is an attempt of creation of such directory.

The Most important question at drawing up of the similar catalogue - what, actually, it is possible to consider as a children's literature? After long and burdensome reflections, I have come to the decision, that the literature included by me in the catalogue, could be share to three greater groups.

1. Books which have been written specially for children. With these books all is clear - they nurseries by definition. There are the books of writers, which wrote only for children (for example, Carroll or Uspensky) and books, which the "adult" authors have written specially for young generation (A.N.Tolstoj or Milne). Here I have included all fairy tales, (in spite of that, for example, Pushkin wrote his fairy tales for adults).

2. The books, written for "adults", but which are most known in a variant was specially adapted for children. First of all, it concerns to books of the classical literature.

3. With the third group it is the most complex. Here I included those books which have been written not for children, and was not specially adapted for them, but have strongly entered into a circle of reading of today's youth. This section the most numerous and the most subjective. Here are adventure novels of Cooper and Stevenson, which traveled from parental libraries, for which they were written, to nurseries. Also in this section are "adult" novels of writers of XIX century in which protagonists are children (for example, Dickens's books). Among today's readers of detectives and a fantasy schoolboys are if and not the majority, at least, a significant part.

The Special clause. In this section I included the books, which the youth reads under own initiative, instead of "passes" at school. Much to our regret, at the majority the school program only beats off desire to read. Therefore the Leo Tolstoy, for example, "is represent" in my catalogue by "Three bears " and "Alphabet", but not by "War and peace".

Some more words about frameworks to which I limited myself at drawing up of the catalogue. I selected only author's products (except the "Mother Goose Rhymes"), therefore, for example, Russian fairy tales appear under names of those writers, in whose processing they are most known (A.N.Tolstoy, Afanasev). In the catalogue are included the books of writers only from Europe, Northern America, Australia and New Zealand. The scenes from films or the cartoon films, based on children's books, are presented in the catalogue as an illustrations to books.

I express profound gratitude to everyone who helped me at drawing up of this catalogue, first of all to my children to the Novel and Katya which have stated an expert estimation to many presented products.

I am sorry, that a translations of the Russian texts are not everywhere.


© 2003-2023 Dmitry Karasyuk. Idea, preparation, drawing up
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