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The directory

     Literature of Great Britain

          Ahlberg Janet and Allan. «The Jolly Postman»

          Bagnold Enid. «National Velvet»

          Barrie James. «Peter Pan and Wendy»

          Blyton Enid

               «Famous Five»

               «The Folk Of The Faraway Tree»


               «Secret Seven»

               Malory Towers

          Bond Michael. «A Bear called Paddington»

          Briggs Raymond. Tales

          Green Roger. «King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table»

          Grahame Kenneth. «The Wind in the Willows»

          Dahl Roald. Tales

          Defoe Daniel. «Adventures of Robinson Crusoe»

          Dickens Charles

               «David Copperfield»

               «The Old Curiosity Shop»

               «The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club»

               «The Adventures of Oliver Twist»

               «A Christmas Carol»

               «Cricket on the Hearth»

          Johns William Earl. «Biggles»

          Doyle Arthur Conan

               «The Adventure of The Second Stain»

               «The Lost World»

               «The Adventure of the Speckled Band»

               «The Final Problem»

               «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes»

               «The Adventure of the Empty House»

               «The Reigate Puzzle»

               «Silver Blaze»

               «The Greek Interpreter»

               «The Hound of the Baskervilles»

               «The Adventure of the Six Napoleons»

               «A Study in Scarlet»

          Inkpen Mick. «Kipper»

          Callcott Maria. Books for children

          Cunliffe John. Postman Pat

          Kipling Rudyard

               «Wee Willie Winkie»

               «How the Alphabet was made»

               «How the first Letter was written»

               «The Crab that played with the Sea»

               «How the Leopard got his Spots»

               «The Jungle Book»

               «The Cat, that walked by Himself»

               «The Buttefly that stamped»

               «The Beginning of the Armadillos»

               «How the Camel got his Hump»

               «How the Whale got his Throat»

               «How the Rhinoceros got his Skin»

               «The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo»

               «The Elefant's Child»

          Kitamura Satoshi. «Me and My Cat?»

          Crompton Lamburn Richmal. «William»

          Cousins Lucy. «Maysy’s ABC»

          Cooper Susan. «The Boggart»

          Carroll Lewis

               «Alice's Adventures in Wonderland»

               «Through the Looking-Glass»

          Lear Edward. Poems for children

          Lofting Hugh. «The Story of Doctor Dolittle»

          Lewis C. S. «The Chronicles of Narnia»

          McCaughrean Geraldine. «Piter Pan in Scarlett»

          Milne A. A. «Winnie the Pooh»

          Nesbit Edith. «The Pheonix and the Carpet»

          Nimmo Jenny. «The Snow Spider»

          Norton Mery

               «The Borrowers»

               «Bedknobs and Broomsticks»

          Awdry Wilbert and Christofer. Thomas the Tank Engine

          Potter Beatrix . «Tales of Piter Rabbit»

          Postgate Oliver and Firmin Piter. «Noggin the Nog»

          Pullman Philip. «Nothern Lights»

          Rowling Joanne. Books about Harry Potter

          Swift Jonathan. «Gulliver's Travels»

          Scott Walter


               «Quentin Durward»

               «The Bride of Lammermoor»

               «Old Mortality»

               «Rob Roy»

          Smith Dodie. «The One Hundred and One Dalmatians»

          Stevenson Robert

               «The Master of Ballantrae»

               «A Child's Garden of Verses»


               «Treasure Island»

               «Weir of Hermiston»

               «The Wrecker»


               «The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde»

          «Mother Goose Rhymes»

          Sewell Anna. «Black Beauty»

          Titus Eve. «Basil of Baker Street»

          Tolkien J. R. R.

               «The Lord of the Rings»

               «The Hobbit, or There and Back Again»

          Travers Pamela L. «Mary Poppins»

          White Terence H. «Sword in the stone»

          Wells Herbert

               «War of the World»

               «The Time Machine»

               «The Shape of Things to Come»

               «The Island of Dr. Moreau»

               «The First Men in the Moon»

          Anne Hogarth. «Muffin the Mule»

          Hale Kathleen. «Orlando, the Marmalade Cat»

          Sharp Margery. «Rescuer»

     Literature of Australia and New Zealand

          Allen Pamela. «Who Sank the Boat»

          Base Graeme «Animalia»

          Bancks James Charles. «Ginger Meggs»

          Wagner Jenny. Tales

          Graham Bob. «Greetings from Sandy Beach»

          Gibbs Cecilia May. «Snugglepot and Cuddlepie»

          Dodd Lynley. «Hairy Maclary's Bone»

          Cowley Joy. «Greedy Cat»

          Lindsay Norman. «The Magic Pudding»

          Marsden John. «The Magic Rainforest»

          Mahy Margaret. «A Lion in the Meadow»

          Rentoul Annie and Ida. «Elves and Fairies»

          Turner Ethel. «Seven Little Australians»

          Wall Dorothy. «Blinky Bill»

     Literature of East Europe

          Aškenazy Ludvík. Books for children

          Belials Veiko. «Sibahiir Suslik»

          Benedek Elek. Tales

          Brzechwa Jan. Tales

          Bosilek Ran. Poems for children

          Brlić Mažuranić Ivana. Fairy Tales

          Valter Edgar. «Pokubook»

          Vangheli Spiridon. Tales

          Vandot Josip. «Kekec»

          Vieru Grigore. Poems for children

          Grznárová Marianna. «Maťko and Kubko»

          Dobšinský Pavol. Tales

          Zabila Natalia. Poems for children

          Zelk Zoltan. Children poems

          Ispirescu Petre. Tales

          Karalichev Angel. Books for children

          Karafiat Jan. «Fireflies»

          Kovič Kajetan. Tales

          Komensky Jan Amos. «Orbis Sensualium Pictus»

          Konopnicka Maria. «Little Orphan Mary and the Gnomes»

          Kormos István. Poems for Children

          Korczak Janusz. «King Matthew the First»

          Kraszewski Józef Ignacy. Tales

          Krüger Maria. «Year of the Purple Rose»

          Creangă Ion. Tales

          Lada Jozef. Tales

          Lirnik Sashko. Tales

          Makuszyński Kornel. Tales

          Malitskaya Kostantina. Books for children

          Macourek Milos. «Mach and Sebestova»

          Mileva Leda. Poems for children

          Miler Zdenek. «Krtek the Mole»

          Němcová Bozena. Tales

          Nepil František. «Spectacular Views»

          Petrov Valeri. Poems for Children

          Piramowicz Grzegorz. Books for children

          Pidgiryanka Marijka. Books for children

          Podjavorinská Ludmila. Poems for children

          Sekora Ondrzhei. «Adventures of Ant Ferda»

          Seliškar Tone. «The Brotherhood of Sky Blue Sea Gull»

          Čechura Rudolf. «Maxipes Fík»

          Skalbe Carlis. Tales

          Staraste Margarita. Fairy Tales

          Trublaini Mykola. Books for children

          Tanović Mustafa. «Little Blu in the Land of Dragons»

          Tuwim Julian. Poems

          Fekete István. «Vuk: The Little Fox»

          Feldek Ľubomír. Poems for children

          Foglar Jaroslav. «The Fast Arrows»

          Haľamová Maša. Poems for children

          Cíger-Hronský Jozef. Books for children

          Čapek Josef. «The Doggie's and the Pussy's Tales»

          Čapek Carel. Tales

          Čtvrtek Václav. Tales

          Jaik Juhan. Stories for children

     Spain Literature

          Cervantes Saavedra Miguel. «Don Quixote de la Mancha»

     Literature of South Europe

          Azzopardi Clare. «When Christmas was not»

          Gozzi Carlo. «Turandot»

          Dami Elisabetta. «Geronimo Stilton»

          De Amicis Edmondo. «Heart»

          Camprubí Zenobia. Books for children

          Collódi Carlo. «Pinocchio»

          Munari Bruno. Tales

          Randon Philip Farrugia. «Puttinu and Toninu»

          Rodari Gianni. «The Adventures of Cipollino, the Little Onion»

     Literature of Germany

          Bonsels Waldemar. «Maya the Bee»

          Brehm Alfred. «Brehm's Life of Animals»

          Busch Wilhelm. «Max and Moritz»

          Hagenbeck Carl. «Beasts and Men»

          Hauff Wilhelm. Fairy tales

          Hoffmann Heinrich. «Slovenly Peter»

          Hoffman Ernst. «Nutcracker and Mouse King»

          Grimm Jakob and Wilhelm

               «The White Snake»

               «Snow-White and Rose-Red»

               «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs»

               «Brother and Sister»

               «Town Musicians of Bremen»

               «Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle»

               «Faithful John»

               «The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids»

               «The Pied Piper of Hamelin»

               «Hans in Luck»

               «Hansel and Gretel»

               «Sweet Porridge»

               «Mother Hulda»

               «The Goose Girl»

               «The Two Travelers»

               «The Lady and the Lion»

               «Doctor Knowall»

               «Iron Heinrich»

               «Water of Life»

               «The Star Money»

               «The Golden Bird»


               «Jorinde and Joringel»

               «King Thrushbeard»

               «The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat»

               «Little Red Riding Hood»

               «The House in the Wood»

               «The Fox and the Geese»

               «The Frog King»




               «The Fisherman and His Wife»

               «The Elves and the Shoemaker»

               «The Seven Ravens»

               «Sleeping Beauty»

               «Old Sultan»

               «The Wishing Table»

               «The Three Brothers»

               «Brave Little Tailor»

               «The Devil and his Grandmother»

               «How Six Men got on in the World»

          Kaut Ellis. «Pumuckl»

          Kästner Erich. «Emil and the Detectives»

          Langen Annette. «Letters from Felix»

          May Karl. «Winnetou»

          Preußler Otfried. «Little Witch»

          Raspe Erich. «The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen»

          Tieck Ludwig. Fairy Tales

          Turkowski Einar. «It was dark and eerily quiet»

          Finsterbusch Monika. Princess Lillifee

          Ende Michael. «Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver»

          Janosch .«The trip to Panama»

     Russian Literature

          Alish Abdulla. Children's books

          Aksakov Sergey. «The Scarlet Flower»

          Alexander Afanasyev

               «Vasilissa the Beautiful»

               «The Fox, the Hare and the Cock»

               «The Cat, the Fox and the Cock»

               «Maria Morevna»

               «A plumelet of the Phinix-clear falcon»

               «A straw steer-pitch flank»

               «The mitten»

               «Fairy tale about Ivan-Tsarevitch, the Firebird and the Grey Wolf»

          Bazhov Pavel

               «Golden Hair»

               «The Tale of the Stone Flower»

               «The Malachite Casket»

          Barto Agnya. Poems for Children

          Bianki Vitaly. Novels and tales

          Voskrsenskaya Zoya. Children's books

          Gaidar Arkady. Books for children

          Grin Alexander. «Scarlet Sails»

          Gubarev Vitaly. «Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors»

          Dahl Vladimir. Fairy tales

          Dragunsky Viktor «The Adventures of Dennis»

          Druzhkov Yuri. «The Adventures of Pencil and Screwbolt»

          Durov Vladimir. «My Animals»

          Catherine II. «Tale about Tsarevich Khlor»

          Yershov Pyotr. «The Humpback Horse»

          Kassil Lev. Books for children

          Kataev Valentin. «A White Sail Gleams»

          Kozlov Sergey. Fairy tales

          Kononov Alexander. «Stories about Lenin»

          Krylov Ivan

               «The Wolf on a kennel»

               «The Raven and the Fox»


               «The Fox and the Grape»

               «Fastidous Fiansee»

               «Pig under an oak»

          Lagin Lazar. «Old man Hottabych»

          Makarenko Anton. «The Pedagogical Poem»

          Mamin-Sibiriak Dmitri. «Alenushka's tales»

          Marshak Samuil. Poems for poems

          Mikhalkov Sergey. Poems for poems

          Nagishkin Dmitri. «Folktales of the Amur»

          Novikov Nikolay. «Children reading for heart and mind»

          Nosov Nikolay. «The adventures of Neznaika»

          Olesha Yuri. «Three Fat Men»

          Oster Grigory. «38 Parrots»

          Pogorelsky Antoniy. «Black Hen»

          Pushkin Alexandr

               «Ruslan and Lyudmila»

               «The Tale of the Golden Cockerel»

               «The Tale of the Dead Princess»

               «The Tale of the Priest and of his Workman Balda»

               «The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish»

               «The Tale of Tsar Saltan»

          Remizov Aleksey. Faury tales

          Rybakov Anatoly. Novels for children

          Tolstoi Aleksei N.

               «The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids»

               «The Magic Swan Geese»

               «The Golden Key»

               «Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf»

               «The Nanny Goat»


               «The Hen with the Golden Eggs»

               «The Fox and the Wolf»

               «The Fox and the Crane»

               «The Men and the Bear»

               «At the Bidding of the Pike»

               «The Giant Turnip»


               «The Frog Princess»

               «Twittering To and Fro»

          Uspensky Eduard

               «Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat»

               «Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka»

          Ushinskiy Konstantin. Books for children

          Kharms Daniil. Books for children

          Cherniy Sasha. Books for children

          Chukovsky Korney

               «Doctor Aybolit»

               «Bandit Barmaley»


               Fly - Tsokotukha

               «Giant Roach»


          Shvarz Evgeniy


               «An Ordinary Miracle»

          Shishkov Alexandr. «Children's Library»

          Shergin Boris. Tales

          Yan Vasiliy. Historical novels

     North Europe literature

          Andersen Hans Christian

               «The Storks»

               «Elder-Tree Mother»

               «The Buckwheat»

               «The Ugly Duckling»

               «Numskull Jack»

               «The Mail-Coach Passengers»

               «The Farm-Yard Cock & the Weather-Cock»

               «The Little Match-Girl»

               «The Wild Swans»

               «The Travelling Companion»

               «The Marsh-king's Dougther»


               «The Fir Tree»

               «The Toad»

               «The Top and Ball»

               «The Drop of Water»

               «The Red Shoes»

               «The Ice Maiden»

               «Little Claus and Big Claus»

               «Little Tuk»

               «The Naughty Boy»

               «The Emperor's New Clothes»

               «The Tinderbox»

               «The Sandman»

               «The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep»

               «The Fairest Rose in the World»

               «The Princess and the Pea»

               «The Garden of Paradise»

               «The Little Mermaid»

               «The Swineherd»

               «The Snow Man»

               «The Snow Queen»

               «The Nightingale»

               «The Old House»

               «The Brave Tin Soldier»

               «The Flying Trank»

               «The Shadow»

               «The Phoenix»

               «Little Ida’s Flowers»

               «What the Good Man Does is Alwais Right»

               «What the Moon Saw»

          Anderson Lena. Children’s books

          Aukrust Kjell. Gurin with the Foxtail

          Beskow Elsa. Fairy Tales

          Vestly Anne Catharina. «Eight Children and a Truck»

          Jónsdóttir Áslaug. «Good Evening»

               Karjalainen Elina. Uppo-Nalle

          Kidde Rune T. Fairy Tales

          Kirkegaard Ole Lund. «Frogeater Orla»

          Kunnas Mauri Tapio. Books for children

          Lagerlöf Selma. «The Wonderful Adventures of Nils»

          Laurents Kamma «Jørgen Why?»

          Lindgren Astrid

               «The Brothers Lionheart»

               «Six Bullerby Children»

               «Dragon with red eyes»

               «Nils Karlsson-Pyssling»



               «Mio, me Mio»

               «Pippi Longstocking»

               «Ronia the Robber's Daughter»

               «The Children on Troublemaker Street»

               «Emil in the Soup Tureen»

          Møller Flemming Quist. Books for children

          Nilsson Ulf. «Little Sister Rabbit»

          Nilsson Piraten Fritiof. «Bombi Bitt and I»

          Nordqvist Sven. «Pettson och Findus»

          Oskarsson Bárður. «A dog, a cat and a mouse»

          Rasmussen Halfdan. Poems for children

          Sveinsson Jón. Books for children

          Topelius Zachrius. Fairy Tales

          Heyerdahl Thor. «Kon-Tiki»

          Húsagarði Janus á. «Moss Mollis’ journey»

          Egner Thorbjørn. Tales

          Jansson Tove. The Moomin books

     Literature of USA and Canada

          Aberson Helen. «Dumbo»

          Alger Horatio. «Ragged Dick»

          Baum Frank. «The Wizard of Oz»

          Burnett Frances Eliza Hodgson. «Little Princess»

          Burroughs Edgar. Novels about Tarzan

          Beecher Stowe Harriet . «Uncle Tom’s Cabin»

          Van Allsburg Chris. «The Polar Express»

          Bourgeois Paulette. Franklin the Turtle

          Gorham Michael. «The Real Book of American Tall Tales»

          Irving Washington

               «The Legend of Sleepy Hollow»

               «Old Christmas»

          Carle Eric. «The Very hungry caterpillar»

          Queen Ellery. Detective Stories

          Cooper James Fenimore


               «The pioneers»

               «The Last of the Mohicans»

               «Òhe Prairie»

               «The Pathfinder»

          Lionni Leo. «Frederick»

          Lawson Robert. «Ben and Me»

          Madonna. Tales

          Montgomery Lucy Maud. «Anne of Green Gables»

          McGowan Tom and Rowe Tom. «Aristocats»

          McCulley Johnston. «The Curse of Capistrano»

          Moore Clement Clarke. «Twas the Night before Christmas»

          Mannix Daniel. «The Fox and the Hound»

          Knight Eric. «Lassie Come Home»

          Alcott Louisa. «Little women»

          Peple Edward. «The Littlest Rebel»

          Pinkerton Allan. Detective books

          Rey H. A. and Margret. «Curious George»

          Richards Laura. Books for children

          Sendak Maurice. «Where the Wild Things Are»

          Seton Ernest Thompson. «Wild Animals I Have Known»

          Steig William. «Shrek!»

          Seuss Doctor. Books for children

          Twain Mark

               «Life on the Mississipi»

               «The Celebrated Jamping Frog of Calaveras County»

               «Roughing It»

               «A Tramp Abroad»

               «Letters from Hawaii»

               «Following the Equator»

               «Huckleberry Finn»

               «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer»

               «The Prince and the Pauper»

               «Pudd'nhead Wilson»

               «Tom Sawyer, Detective»

               «A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court»

          Taylor Samuel. «The Absent Minded Professor»

          Thurber James Grover. Tales

          Wilder Laura Ingalls. «Little House în the Prairie»

          White Elwyn Brooks. «Charlotte's Web»

          Wiggin Kate Douglas. «Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm»

          Falconer Ian. «Olivia»

          Farley Walter. «The Black Stallion»

          Fossey Dian. «Gorillas in the Mist»

          Harris Joel. «Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings»

          Henry Marguerite. «Misty of Chincoteague»

     Literature of France

          de Beaumont Leprince. «Beauty and the Beast»

          Brunhoff Jean, Sesil and Laurent de. The Story of Babar

          Verne Jules

               «Archipelago on Fire»

               «Adventures of a Chinaman»

               «Family without a name»

               «Purchase of the North Pole»

               «The Mighty Orinoco»

               «Master of the World»

               «Around the Moon»

               «Around the World in Eighty Days»

               «The Chase of the Golden Meteor»

               «Invasion of the Sea»

               «Hector Servadac»

               «Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea»

               «Captain Grant's Children»

               «Danube Pilot»

               «The Castle of the Carpathians»

               «Golden Volcano»

               «The Vanished Diamond»

               «Clovis Dardentor»

               «Claudius Bombarnac, Special Correspondent»

               «An Antarctic Mystery»

               «Mathias Sandorf»

               «Lighthouse at the End of the World»

               «Mistress Branican»

               «Michel Strogoff»

               «Master Zacharius»

               «Astonishing Adventures of the Barsac Mission»

               «Dr. Ox's Experiment»

               «Paris in the Twentieth century»

               «The Steam House»

               «A Floating City»

               «A Floating Island»

               «Adrift in the Pacific»

               «Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa»

               «The Adventures of Captain Hatteras»

               «A Jorney to the Centre of the Earth»

               «A Captain at Fifteen»

               «Five Weeks in a Balloon»

               «The 500 Millions of the Begum»

               «Robur the Conqueror»

               «From the Earth to the Moon»

               «The Misterious Island»

               «Keraban the Inflexible»

               «For the Flag»

               «Caesar Cascabel»

               «Survivors of the Chancellor»

          Desbordes-Valmore Marceline. Poems for children

          Cousteau Jacques-Yves. «The Silent World»

          Laboulaye Edouard. Fairy Tales

          Malot Hector. Books for children

          Perrault Charles


               «Puss in Boots»

               «Little Red Riding Hood»



               «Riquet with a Tuft»


               «Sleeping Beauty»


          de Segur Sophie. Novels for Children

          Saint-Exupery Antoine de. «The Little Prince»

     Literature of Central Europe

          de Beer Hans. «Little Polar Bear»

          Bruna Dick. «Miffy the Bunny»

          Wyss Johann David. «Swiss Family Robinson»

          Delessert Étienne. «How the Mouse Was Hit on the Head by a Stone and So Discovered the World»

          Salten Felix. «Bambi»

          Zoss Roland. «Jimmy Flitz, the Swiss mouse»

          Crowther Kitty. Books for children

          Ligthart Jan. Alphabet

          Lorenz Konrad. Popular books

          Provoost Anne. Books for children

          Spyri Johanna Louise. «Heidi»

          Frank Anneliese Marie. «Diary notes»

          Hans Abraham. Books for children

          Chönz Selina. «A Bell for Ursli»

          Schmidt Annie M.G. Books for Children

          Schmid-Germann Susanna. «Muggestutz»

          Scheepstra Hindericus. «Ot and Sien»

     Literature of other World

          Adamson Joy. «Born Free»

          Aghayan Ghazaros. Tales

          Amir Anda. Books for children

          Arraiz Antonio. Tales

          Bergstein Fania. Poems for children

          Gogebashvili Iakob. Children's book

          Kipnis Levin. Books for children

          Kor Paul. Children's books

          Monteiro Lobato José Bento. «The Yellow Woodpecker Ranch»

          Mossinsohn Igal. «Hasamba»

          FitzPatrick James Percy. «Jock of the Bushveld»

          Hillel Omer. Poems for children

          Avidar-Tchernovitz Yemima. Books for children

          Yalan-Shteklis Miriam. Books for children


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