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The Castle of the Carpathians
Le Chateau des Carpathes

Mysterious things are occurring in a castle located near the village of Werst in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania. The villagers are convinced that the Chort (devil) occupies the castle. Count Franz de Télek, a visitor traveling through the region goes to the castle to investigate the disturbances for himself when he is informed that the owner of the castle is Baron Rodolphe de Gortz. Years earlier the Baron was the Count's rival for the affections of the celebrated Italian prima donna La Stilla. The Count thought that La Stilla was dead, but he sees her image and hear her voice coming from within the castle itself.

Monaco, 1978, The Castle in the Carpathians

Rumania, 2005, The Carpatian Castle

St. Vincent, 2005, The Castle of the Carpathans

Tanzania, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne

Rumania, 2003.06.08, Cluj Napoca. Jules Verne, Castle


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