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Valter Edgar
(b. 1929)

Valter Edgar (b. 1929)  Pokubook

Pokuland is a fairy-tale land being created amid forests and bogs in Estonia's southeastern corner on the basis of a children's book, Pokuraamat (1994), by Edgar Valter. Pokuland is to be populated by pokus, animated sedge tussocks, a typical feature of the area, which Edgar Valter has brought to life in his book, introducing young readers to their traditional way of life in the midst of nature. Edgar Valter (b. 21 Sept. 1929), a prolific author and illustrator of children's books of immense popularity in Estonia, was put on the IBBY (International Board of Books for Young Readers) Honour List in 1996 for his Pokuraamat.

Estonia, 2001, Pockus beside Lakes

Estonia, 2001, Pockus and Owl

Estonia, 2001, Pockus and stork

Estonia, 2001, Pockus and bird

Estonia, 2001, Two Pockus

Estonia, 2001, Pockus smelling flower

Estonia, 2001, Pockus and dog

Estonia, 2001, Pockus watching moon

Estonia, 2001.06.19, Tallinn. Pockus

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